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The Mylo Foundation cares for 30 to 50 dogs a month.  We always need food, treats, bones, toys, preventatives, blankets, kennels and all other pet supplies.  If you are local you can call (850) 994 0908 to drop off or arrange for us to pick up.

You can also order from our wishlist on Amazon .com or any other site and ship to our address below.

Who is Mylo?


  • Donate food, kennels, leashes & collars
  • Network, share and tag our posts
  • Pledge to help with vet costs
  • Volunteer to help with fundraisers
  • Join us for dog walks to help socialize our fosters

​​Too many loving, healthy pets are dumped at our shelters each year. The Mylo Foundation was created to help promote and facilitate rescue, foster and adoption for these healthy, adoptable shelter pets, set for euthanasia. ​​​

Urgent Projects

If you can't Adopt, Foster or Volunteer, please consider donating!  WE make a HUGE difference when we ALL do what WE CAN.

Mylo was rescued from the Santa Rosa Shelter. He was just a little puppy then but was still facing death. At that time the shelter used the gas chamber. I was only 12 and was volunteering. 

I waited day after day with Mylo for someone, anyone to come help him. No one ever came. Then the day came for him to be killed. I just could not let that happen, so I took him home. 

The agreement with my mom was, I had to
take care of him. I thought that would be easy, but it wasn't. For the first couple of days, night after night he would cry. I was just a kid and I was exhausted but I knew I had to take care of him or he would die. 

We Need Donations


Who to contact


          A DOG

WE NEED FOSTERS to help our shelter dogs. We can match you with a dog who fits your lifestyle and experience. You can give them a safe, loving place to wait for their forever home. 

TO APPLY: https://www.jotform.us/gcurgents/mylo

  • Foster a dog from the shelter
  • Adopt one of our lovable rescues
  • Volunteer to help with transport.
  • Sponsor a shelter dog

Get involved.

We can make a difference when we all do what we can.

Mylo was with me for 16 years. We did everything together. He was truly my best friend. He died in 1999 of old age. At the time I really did not know how I could live without seeing him everyday. But slowly I let go and found more "Mylos" who just needed someone willing to sit with them through the first couple of nights and encourage them to let go and trust. 

This is why I started The Mylo Foundation.

-Patricia Kruger, Director

What you can do

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Patricia Kruger

850 994 0908 call or text

Organizer, Dog Lover, Networker, Rescue Coordinator, Poop Scooper, Foster Mom

Shelter Animals Count | The National Database Project

Most animals are killed at the shelters to make space for more animals who are coming in.  When you foster, you provide a safe place for these pets to stay until the rescue can find them a forever home.  

​​Fostering is FREE.  The rescue provides all vetting and networking for the dog.  The only cost to you is food.  The rescue can also help with food expenses if needed.  Fosteringcan be short-term or long-termdepending on what the dog needs.  

Helping one of these loving pets offers so many rewards to you and your family.  Please open your heart and find a place in your home for one of the dogs who are urgent at the shelter.  

The Mylo Foundation

What is Fostering?

Training can make such a difference.  We may not be able to erase the years of neglect but we can teach them and give them the confidence they need to be successful family pets.  You can help by donating to our training projects on our SHOP & DONATE Page.

Rescue • Foster • Adopt • Repeat

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Donations and supplies can be mailed to:

The Mylo Foundation

4360 Ponderosa Rd.

Milton, FL 32583