Many of our dogs are with us long term while they heal, learn training and adjust to being a family pet.  Please Sponsor to help us give them a GREAT START!


If you can't adopt, SPONSOR!  The fee to adopt each of our dogs is $125. 

Visit our DOGS FOR ADOPTION PAGE and choose a dog you would like to sponsor.  Paying the adoption fee will give that dog the opportunity to find a home quicker.  Every adopter and home still has to qualify through our adoption process.


Every dog we rescue from the shelter needs vetting.  This includes spay/neuter, deworming, heartworm testing, flea and heartworm preventatives and any other issues the dog has which may need to be addressed. 

This sponsorship helps offset the cost for rescuing a dog.  And helps us to say YES when the shelter calls for help.


Every dog we rescue gets a new collar, leash, harness and kennel.  These all go with the dog when they are adopted.  These tools are all very important for maintaining control of the dog and helping with training.  


Through Beginner Training our dogs learn: how to walk on a leash, how to sit, how to come and how to communicate with their owners through many other basic commands.  Training is an awesome opportunity for our dogs to increase their chances at adoption.  

Monthly Flea and Heartworm Sponsorship  -  $35

Preventatives are so important for our dogs.  EVERY DOG needs monthly flea and heartworm preventatives to keep them healthy.  

You can also MAIL YOUR DONATION to: The Mylo Foundation, 4360 Ponderosa Rd., Milton, FL 32583.  

February is Heart HealthMonth

Many of our dogs come to us heartworm positive.  Our dogs need medications and preventatives to keep them Heart Healthy ALL YEAR LONG.  We have created a special Honey Oat Heart Cookie to celebrate your dog and give our dogs a chance to be healthy.  

Every donation from the Honey Oat Heart Cookie goes to provide the medications our dogs need for their heart treatments.   

Chicken Chews

Handcut 100% all natural Chicken Breasts with no additives.  

1 BAG for $5.00
Chicken Biscuits

This is the classic flavored dog bone with a few twists.  Ours use bone broth with 100% whole wheat flour.

1 BAG for $5.00

Thank you for all of your support!


All Treats are MADE FRESH TO ORDER.  

Allow 2 days for processing.  All orders are shipped through priority mail.  


Our Amazon wishlist has lots of food, treats, toys and supplies you can order and donate to our foster dogs.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bones

These treats are 100% Wheat Free, made with Natural Peanut Butter, Pure Honey and Oat Flour.

1 BAG for $5.00

We are sooo excited to offer our new Mylo T-shirts!

They are available in every size and every couple months we will have new designs each t-shirt will be $20 and every penny of what is sold will go directly to help care for our MYLO DOGS.    Shipping is available of course! 

We have had an abundance of love and support lately ♥️ and we thought it was time to let people REPRESENT US IN THE MOST FASHIONABLE WAY EVER SO LOOOK WHAT THE MYLO FOUNDATION HAS MADE ♥️

Rescue • Foster • Adopt • Repeat

Sweet Potato Chews 

100% all natural Sweet Potato with no additives. Handcut white and red organic sweet potatoes.

1 Bag for $5.00

Made with Oat Flour, All Natural Peanut Butter, and Organic Raw Honey

$3.00 each

Donate to our monthly medicine Supply

Several of our dogs require daily and weekly medications to treat everything from autoimmune disease to heart conditions.  We also have to update vaccinations regularly and provide them with monthly heartworm preventative.  

An $83 donation will provide us with enough ivermectim to give all of our dogs heartworm preventative for 3 months. A $30 donation will pay for one month of heart medication.  A $10 donation will buy 1 vaccine.  Every donation will help to keep our dogs healthy!

Oatmeal Pumpkin Treats

A yummy cookie treat with oatmeal and pumpkin.  Perfect for dogs with digestive issues..

1 BAG for $5.00

Merchants who Donate to The Mylo Foundation

All of our treats are Homemade with all natural ingredients.  No SUgars, Fillers or Preservativesadded.

Browse this page to find LOTS of rescue goodies.  EVERY PURCHASE goes to help support The Mylo Foundation.

The Mylo Foundation recieves a donation everytime you order from these merchants:

The Mylo Foundation

When you shop through Amazon Smile choose The Mylo Foundation as your charity and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to us.

Donate to our food Pantry

This is dinnertime at just 1 of our foster homes.  We currently have 4 dedicated foster homes.  Our dogs are fed twice a day.  A 50 lb bag of dog food costs $20 at Tractor Supply.  Please donate to our food pantry.  

You can also MAIL YOUR DONATION to: The Mylo Foundation, 4360 Ponderosa Rd., Milton, FL 32583.  We love gift cards!

If you are local and would like to buy a bag for us to pick up, please call or text Trish at 850 994-0908.  Thank you!